How It Began

I began looking at options to add shoes in 2022. I was pregnant for the first half of the year, so I was looking into options where I could still “work” with a new baby in the house.

I spent months talking to different manufacturers and trying to find the right fit. And then, I finally found one!! Unfortunately, one week later we lost our son Kieran at 17 weeks gestation. That ultimately put a pause on quite a few of my plans, including our shoe line.

After we passed our due date in December and I started feeling more like myself, I decided to get the process started again. I reached back out to the manufacturer I found and started planning! It’s incredibly important to me that I keep our shoe line fully RTS, so you may not always see as many options as others may be able to offer, and each size will be limited!

Kieran means “little dark one”, so Little Dark Soles will be the name of our shoe line, in his honor. All of our shoes will have prints designed entirely by me, so you won’t find these prints anywhere else! I’ve worked so hard and so long on these and I hope you all are as obsessed as I am with these and all the others I’ve got planned for us.